It's OK, to not be OK!

Welcome to Kickstart Mental Health

Welcome to Kickstart Mental Health

Welcome to Kickstart Mental HealthWelcome to Kickstart Mental HealthWelcome to Kickstart Mental Health

Who we are ?

Mental Health First Aid

We offer Mental Health First Aid courses to anyone who is 17+ and recognizes the direct importance of mental health.  Just like a physical First Aid course is administered before an injured person can receive appropriate treatment can be obtained. Mental Health First Aid is what we use to support someone until appropriate measures can be taken or until the crisis is complete.


In any given year one in five people in Canada are living with a mental illness. While physical limitations are easier to see so more easily supported, the lack of awareness and conversation about mental illness promotes fear and stigmas for those who are suffering.

Our Vision

 Our vision is to bring awareness of Mental Health  to communities and to promote early intervention.

Course Breakdown

Mental Health First Aid (Basic) is a 12 hour instructional course. That focus' on the following:

1. Mental Health & Mental Health Problems

2. Substance related disorders

3. Mood related disorders

4. Anxiety & Trauma related disorders

5. Psychotic Disorders

6. Resources

MHFA Canada content adheres to the first aid guidelines established by MHFA Australia.

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Kickstart Mental Health

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